De-stressing: During and After Work

Maybe you’ve had a long day of teaching. Maybe you’re a nurse who has been on her feet all day. Maybe you’re an Investment Banking Intern and you’ve been working for 18 hours straight. Maybe you work in a job where you barely make above minimum wage, but you’ve seen the cheques for your boss’s son’s pre-school and wonder why you even got out of bed this morning. Jobs are stressful. They tend to be even more stressful when you’re at the bottom of the totem pole. You can’t complain, and you have to be at you best at all times, because if you  aren’t performing well, there is someone right behind you who would love to take that job. Between the long hours, and the seemingly endless list of tasks, sh*t can get anxious. Which is where my ultra-professional, not at all inappropriate guide to de-stressing during and after the work day comes in. Follow along, you just might learn a new way to shake off the stress-nightmares.

    1. Excuse yourself to go for a quick cry (read: full-on, heaving, sob) in the bathroom. This one’s not for everyone, especially if your workplace resembles mine and there’s no less than three women in the bathroom at all times. This method works best when you can go to a separate, single person handicap washroom removed from the others. You know; the washroom where all the men on the floor go to have their 45 minute long top-of-the-morning dump. And masturbate. Because, men.
    2. Stress Eat. This one is sooooo accessible if you work in the downtown core. Prairie Girl, Sullivan and Bleeker, Nadege, Jelly Modern, New York Fries, whatever your poison is, the Toronto underground has got you covered! Be wary though, if you choose this method, the gorging is best done away from your desk. Have you ever seen a VP, President, or CEO scarf down a baked good? No? Of course not. Do it alone, on a park bench, as far away from the office as possible, you animal.
    3. Drink like a monster. The prefered method of many is to just get falling down, blackout, make-out-with-a-random-in-front-of-your-boss wasted on any given Thursday pub night. Because you’ve had a long week, and you deserve some garlic infused tonsil hockey with the dude at the end of the bar. #Trufflefries4lyffe
    4. Take your gorgeous, understanding roommate out on a date. This is the one I went for last night. I had a very long, trying day that tested my patience and my mascara (see point no. 1). I walked in the door, exhaled the worries and the anxieties of the day, and told her we were going to Ardo for dinner.

Ardo is a perfectly lit, intimate restaurant just East of the downtown core, on King Street. The decor is warm and inviting, and menu offers some serious food porn. We each chilled out with a glass of red wine and some crusty bread with some beautiful, peppery, fragrant oil. The downside is, the bread ain’t free. And it grinds my gears a little bit, but at $2.00, I can swing it.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

To follow, we split the carpaccio raw beef shaved extra-thin and layered with arugula, mushrooms, a sharp and lovely ragusano cheese and pistachios, which doesn’t sound like it would work, but it totally does. It was light, and had excellent flavour, making it the perfect start to the meal.

FullSizeRender (6)

Rounding things out, (literally; the bloat had already begun to set in #thisis24) we opted for the Ragu pasta. The noodle used in this pasta is called torchietti and it’s delightful to look at. The sauce is tomato based and is velvety smooth despite the glorious chunks of salty meat throughout.

Jokes aside, the most effective way to turn a bad day around is to break bread and talk trash with a friend. Maybe do it at Ardo, they won’t disappoint.

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